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Weight Loss Challenges

Start or join one of our weight loss competitions. Team up or compete against relatives, friends, or co-workers. Or go solo! Join now (its FREE) to search our competitions. LEARN MORE!

Fitness Community

Striving for better fitness can be a struggle, especially if you are doing it alone. So connect or compete with other members to stay inspired and motivated. LEARN MORE!

Fitness Challenges

Join or start a competition based on the amount of miles or minutes you’ve exercised, calories burned, steps taken, or body fat percentage loss. LEARN MORE!

Employee Wellness

Start your next employee weight loss challenge on Fit For My Season. No more spreadsheets, email sign ups, or sharing your employee’s weight with everyone. Our platform automates the entire process! LEARN MORE

Diet & Meal Plans

Get a 7-day personalized meal plan designed by a registered dietitian to help you reach your nutritional needs and fitness goals. LEARN MORE!

Exercise Videos

Get in shape and loss weight by working out to our full length exercise videos. Watch them on your t.v, mobile device, computer or laptop. VIEW VIDEOS!

Ask The Trainer

Cardio before weight training? Dumbbells or machines? Treadmill or elliptical? Morning or evening? Just ask our trainer. We’re here to help you workout smarter not harder! COMING SOON!

Wellness Campaigns

We have created various programs (i.e. weight loss, diabetes management, 5K training, etc) to accompany your competitions and help you reach your goal. LEARN MORE!

Fitness Videos
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