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Weight Loss Competitions

Weight loss challenges are fun and exciting health-fitness programs. You may have participated in one at work, your gym, or with a few friends. They are also one of the most effective methods of weight loss.  When you start or join a weight loss competition on Fit For My Season you can invite your friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, and whoever else comes to mind! Fit For My Season is a powerful social fitness tool that uses technology to leverage weight loss competitions. During your competition can see who is losing the most weight; post your  achievements to the entire team, talk a little trash, share our exercise videos, motivate your team members, and much more! 

Here are some features of our competition platform:

  • Competition Type - Compete on weight loss, weight gain, body fat, minutes exercised, miles exercised, or steps taken (pedometer challenge).
  • Connect with Teammates and Competitors - Share stories,encourage your teammates, or talk a little trash to other competitors
  • Privacy - Unlike most social media sites you can be completely anonymous on Fit For My Season. Privacy features enable you to hide your weight, profile, and even change your screen name.
  • Invite Friends - What's a competition without a little competition? You can invite friends, co-workers, family and Facebook friends to compete against or team up with using our invitation feature. Our unique invitation feature allows you to select contacts from your Gmail, LinkedIn, Outlook, Yahoo, and AOL accounts. Or you can simple enter email addresses.  
  • Private and Public Competition - Go solo or open your competition to friends and co-workers. You can set parameters to make your competition private so that no one has access to view or join your competition or make it public to allow others to join.
  • Track & Graph - Our tracking feature is a key function to seeing who is leading, or losing in your weight loss or fitness competition. Totals and updates for each team member are displayed in the competition leaderboard. You can also track measurements like weight, body fat, and blood pressure without competing. A graph depicting all of your entries for a specific measurement is displayed on the competition graph. The same graph is featured on your profile page along with the ability to search all measurement entries.
  • Leaderboard - The leaderboard can be found in every competition. It displays the leaders or losers of the competition.Your weight is not shown in the leaderboard, just the change (what you lost or gained).
  • Reports - During and after the competition all team members can print a report of the competition. The report includes: A list of all participants; weight loss (in pounds) of each participants; weight loss percentage of each participant; the team's total initial weight; the team's total final weight; the team's total weight loss (in pounds); and the team's total weight loss percentage







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