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Wellness Campaigns

Traditionally, weight loss competitions or fitness challenges posses three out of four necessary elements: 1) A term (start and end date), data collection (initial weight and final weight); and a leaderboard (to see who is winning). The missing element is a supportive tool that aids each contestant towards reaching their health and fitness goal. Our Wellness Campaigns serve as that missing element and consist of various fitness plans, workouts, podcast, and knowledge base videos that you can merge with your competition. For example, if you started a 12-week weight loss competition you can select one of our 12 week weight loss programs that may feature exercise videos, weight loss tips, and podcast on healthy eating for weight loss.  Each of these events will automatically be emailed to each contestant on a specific day during the competition. So if you are in charge of coordinating your worksite weight loss challenge or the community’s annual fitness competition, Fit For My Season’s Wellness Campaign will significantly lessen your administrative burdens.  





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