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Calories determine the amount of calories you need to lose or gain weight in a certain amount of time.
Gender: Male: Female:
Weight: lbs
Height: inches
Weight to Lose: lbs.
Time Period: days

Target Weight
Current Percent Body Fat: %
Current Weight: lbs
Desired Percent Body Fat: %

For men

* Decreased health risk is less   than 25%

* Optimal fitness performance   is less than 15%

For Women

* Decreased health risk is less   than 32%

* Optimal performance is less   than 23%


Target Weight
Waist-to-Hip Ratio
Hip-to-Waist- Measure the circumference of your hips at their widest part. Measure your waist circumference at the belly button or just above it.
Waist Circumference: inches
Hip Circumference: inches

For men

The ideal ratio is less than 0.85

The desirable ratio is 0.85 - 0.94

You are at risk if 0.95 or greater

For women

The ideal ratio is less than 0.75

The desirable ratio is 0.75 - 0.79

You are at risk if 0.8 or greater


Waist-to-Hip Ratio
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Weight: lbs.
Height: inches

Normal: less than 25

Overweight: between 25-30

Obese: over 30


Body Mass
Ideal Heart Rate Range

Ideal Heart Rate Range
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