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Employee Wellness

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". - Ben Franklin

The prevalence of weight loss challenges in the workplace has increased drastically, mainly due to obesity and efforts to control it. In fact, more than 50% of US businesses start a weight loss challenge at least once a year (usually around the beginning of each year). Weight loss competitions are widely accepted because of their effectiveness, non-intimidating designs, and social engagement.

For years we have had the privilege of supporting numerous employee weight loss challenges and fitness competitions. They are truly fun and inspiring programs for employees. We've witnessed people start new journeys, change their mindset about health, eat healthier, start exercise programs, lose weight, and much more! A program with all these benefits should not have any problems, right? Unfortunately they do. In addition to observing enthusiastic contestants strive to reach their goals we also witness human resource personnel struggle to get a handle on the administrative demands of a weight loss challenge. These struggles typically include signing up employees through emails and voice-mails, collecting weekly weigh ins, using excel spreadsheets to track and calculate weight loss, posting weekly reports for employees to view, and trying to satisfy complaints from offsite employees who never get to participate.

So what is your solution? Fit For My Season! Fit For My Season automates the entire administrative process. As the coordinator you can create your competition online; assign a start and end date; enter a competition description; determine your competition measurment (weight loss, steps taken, etc); invite employees using our contact importing feature; and select a predesigned challenge with workouts, tips, and podcast. Our application also displays a leaderboard with real-time weight loss numbers for all contestants to view. You can also print reports at any time during the competition. Reports include: the team's initial weight, team's final weight, and the teams total weight loss (in pounds and percentage). Each participants weight loss achievements both in pounds and percentage is calculated and displayed as well.

Recently we added a few new exciting features that will enhance each employees experience.  Employees can now post their health fitness or wellness goals and achievements and share them with every person in their competition. We also added health and fitness programs for employees to follow. Our programs can now be connected to any competition. 

So no more note pads, spreadsheets, weight loss postings on the employee bulletin boards, email sign ups, or trying to determine how to collect and track participants weights.  Start your next company-wide weight loss challenge on Fit For My Season. The power of our web-based competition platform allows all of your employees to participate regardless of location. Tracking is easy, logging weight is a cinch, and coordinating the competition is simple. Let Fit For My Season do all the work and go join the fun!

Corporate Accounts
Fit For My Season provides accounts for employers and organizations (non profits, churches, etc). Corporate accounts include the same great features of individual memberships in addition to:

  • Privacy - Group accounts including employees and competitions are separate from the general public. We also provide security measures that restrict access to non employees
  • Customized Health Fitness and Wellness Programs - If you have a schedule of health, fitness and wellness events such as screenings, lunch n learns, exercise classes, or demonstrations we can create a wellness event schedule that can be connected to any of your challenges. 

Register your company today by completing the Corporate Account Registration Form. If you have questions please contact us @ (888) 406-8388.


Employee Wellness Program Facts
• Today, ten and a half percent of the average payroll costs go toward health insurance. Most businesses are experiencing double-digit increases in their health insurance premiums.
• Employees are spending the majority of their waking hours at your workplace. As an employer, you have a unique opportunity to affect change in their behavior at the workplace through an employee wellness program.
• Healthy employees and healthy dependents are likely to incur lower medical costs, have lower rates of absenteeism and higher rates of productivity.
• Employee wellness programs are an investment in human capitol and will increase your employee's productivity, morale and decrease absenteeism.
• An employee wellness program will enhance your corporate image and employee retention rates. And it will help attract new talent to your business.

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