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Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals Members

Question: Is there a cost to become a member of Fit For My Season?
Answer: We offer a free membership that allows you join and/or start competitions, and track your weight and other measurements. We also offer membership plans starting at $5/month (no contracts) which include the following exciting features:

  • My Wellness - Post and share your health fitness and wellness accomplishments with contestants in your competition.
  • My Friends  - connect to friends, coworkers, relatives, and other health conscious individuals.
  • My Messages - send and receive messages from friends, coworkers, relatives, and other health conscious individuals
  • Fitness Plans & Health Programs - follow exercise plans and various health related programs to help you reach your goals.

Question: Does FFMS share or sell their members contact information?
Answer: No. Members contact info is kept private. If you receive emails soliciting products or services they come directly from us. 

Question: I'm a new member, what should I do after joining?
Answer: You can search public competitions to join, create your own competition, connect with other members, and browse the online exercise library

Question: I just joined/started a competition what should I do next?
Answer: Identify the "measurement" of the competition (i. e weight loss, weight gain, minutes exercised, steps taken, etc). Then click My Stats tab. If the measurement of the competition is displayed then make your entry under today’s date. Example: If you are competing in a weight loss competition then enter your current weight in the weight loss field. If it is not displayed click on the Edit Measurement button. From the drop down menu "create your own measurement" select the measurement that the competition is based on. Click the Add button then go back to the My Stats tab and make your entry.

Question: Can I hide my weight so it cannot be seen by others in the competition?
Answer: Yes. Follow these instructions to hide your weight
1. Go to My Profile page
2. Select My Weight is Private
3. Select My Profile is Private
4. Click Save
* These options default to private when you first join.

Question: Where do I enter my weight or other measurements so it shows on the leaderboard?
Answer: Enter your measurement on My Stats page. IMPORTANT- For competitions based on weight loss, weight gain or body fat, enter your most recent measurement and NOT the difference. Example: If you are competing on Weight Loss enter your current weight (i.e 150lbs) then for your next entry enter your new weight (148lbs).  

Question: I just entered my measurement and neither the leaderboard nor graph of the competition displays my entries or profile?
Answer: Make sure the measurement you updated is the same measurement the competition is based on (example: if the competition is based on weight loss make sure you updated the weight loss field by entering your current weight). Your weight change (loss or gain) will not change on the leaderboard until you make your second entry. If you are not displayed on the graph you probably have your profile or weight selected as private. Check My Stats page.

Question: Can I turn off notifications/emails?
Answer: Yes. Each time a contestant in your competition creates a goal or posts an achievement you will receive an email notification. You can disable this by going to My Wellness page.

Companies and Organizations

Question: Do you offer private group accounts for companies?
Answer: Yes we offer private accounts to businesses and organizations. Your members and competition are separate from the general public. Complete the Company Registration Form to get started.

Question: What is the cost for a private account?
Answer: We offer two plans. 

  • Per Eligible Employee - starting at $3/month per eligible employee. Volume discounts.
  • Per Participating Employee - $20/month per participating employee (employees who join). 

Question: Is a participant’s weight self reported or can we assign an administrator to enter everyone’s weight? 
Answer: Weight, and all other measurements are self reported. Currently there is no admin control panel to manage data entry.

Questions: Are reports available?
Answer: Yes. Reports can be produced by any participant during and after the competition. The report contains a list of participants along with the total amount of weight they lost. Additionally the total initial weight of the group, the total weight loss of the group (calculated in pounds), and the total weight loss percentage of the group is included in the report.

Question: Is there a limit to the amount of people who can join a competition?
Answer: No

Question: We want to run a weight loss challenge between departments at our workplace. There will be a competition for each department so they can track their own department’s progress. Is there a way to connect each of the competitions so they share data and produce one report?
Answer: Unfortunately not. You will have to compare each report separately.

Question: What happens with the competition once it has ended? Is it deleted or stored somewhere?
Answer: All competitions that have ended are automatically relocated to your Past Competitions area. Past Competitions can be found by clicking on the Competitions tab, then clicking My Competition or Company Competitions.

Question: If not me, someone from my company/organization with be the competition coordinator. Will they have access to an admin control panel with certain privileges?
Answer: At this time there is no admin control panel for competition coordinators. However, the creator of the competition has the ability to edit the competition title, description, privacy status (private or public), type (individual or team based), and competing measurement (weight loss, body fat, steps taken, etc).

Question: Is there technical support?
Answer: Yes, there is tech support by email and phone for the company or organization with a private account. Support is provided to the designated competition administrator(s) who start and/or organized the competition. Only email support is provided to participants.

Question: How do I get started?
Answer: Please start by completing the Corporate Account Registration Form

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