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Fit Essentials Fit Tubes

Resistance tubes are the latest fitness trends. Portable, versitale, and down right effective. They are great for both toning and strengthening. Use them at home, in the office or on vacation. Here's your new gym! Bonus . .  door attachment included ( a $3.00 value)!







The Total Resistance Tube Training Gym

Your gym in a bag! An inexpensive choice to machines. This total package includes: 4 to 5 resistance tubes, doorjam strap, two soft handles, and two ankle/wrist straps!






Figure 8 Resistane Tubes

These compact tubes can be used for upper body strength and toning exercises.






Fit Cuff Resistance Tubes

Also ideal to develop lateral speed, quick feet drills, agility, hip movement and balance.






Loop Resistance Tubes

Ideal for lower and upper body workouts, the loop resistance tubes are a compliment to your resistance tubes collection.







Stability Ball

The Stability Ball has rightfully gained tremendous popularity over the past 10 years as a phenomenal source of core conditioning, balance improvement, and full-body strengthening!

    Ball Size Chart
    4'6"--5'0" : 45 cm ball
    5'1"--5'7": 55 cm ball
    5'8"--6'2": 65 cm ball
    Over 6'2" : 75 cm ball





4-Foot Resistance Bands

Use our 4-foot resistance bands for strength training and rehabilitative exercises.






Door Jam (For Resistance Tubes)

It is a must have if you own a resistance tube. The door jam will added more than a dozen different exercises to your resistance tube workout. The door jam is included with your purchase of our Resistance Tube.


Door Jam




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