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Personal Training

"Workout Smarter, Not Harder!"

Let's face it working out is hard. But mustering up the motivation and discipline to start and stay committed to an exercise program is ten times more challenging.

This is where we come in! Fit Essentials' Professional Personal Trainers keep you motivated, consistent, excited about your workouts, and focused on reaching your fitness goals. We develop realistic, clear, and achievable fitness plans moving you one-step closer to a healthier and leaner body.

Personal Training Makes Sense
When you have car problems you take it to the mechanic. If you have a tooth ache you go to the dentist. When you are having plumbing issues you call a plumber. So when you are out of shape or struggling to lose weight why not call a Fit Essentials Professional Personal Trainers? We'll help get you back in shape and feeling great. 

Many people think personal training is a luxury only for the wealthy. This is a gross missconception. In fact there are more "average" people hiring personal trainers everyday, and the numbers continue to grow each year. If you want to lighten your financial burden condsider Partner Training or Small Group Training. You can save 50% or more on your bill!

Invest In You
Like everything else in life you have to make an investment if you want a return. Invest in you and hire a Fit Essentials Professional Personal Trainer!

Personal Training (one-on-one)
Traditional Personal Training is a private workout session between you and our personal trainer. After your consultation and fitness assessment our trainer will design an exercise program to fit your needs and goals. You can schedule your personal training session at your convenience, pay as you go, or pay for multiple sessions.    

60 minutes

  • $80.00 for a single session
  • $790.00 for a 10 session package

30 minutes

  • $40.00 for a single session
  • $390.00 for a 10 session package

Partner Training (you and a workout buddy)
Partner Training offers the best of both worlds. You share the cost with your workout buddy  and still get an effective personalized workout program. Both you and your workout buddy will start out with a fitness consultation and fitness assessment.  Afterwards our personal trainer will create a program for both of you and set you on the path of a healtheir and more fit body.

60 minute session

  • $42.00

30 minute session

  • $27.00

Small Group Training (you and 3-5 other coworkers)
Small group is growing in popular. You and a few of your coworkers, friends, and or neighbors can sweat, burn calories, and support each other through each workout. It is like a workout party!

60 minute sessions

  • $25.00/pp (5 people)
  • $30.00/pp (4 people)
  • $38.00/pp (3 people)

30 minute sessions

  • $15.00/pp (5 people)
  • $17.00/pp (4 people)
  • $20.00/pp (3people)

* Payments must be made prior to the start of your session. Prices are subject to change. 

Uniqueness of Fit Essentials Personal Training Program
There are a lot of great trainers in the world. In fact we don't even claim to be the best. A great trainer heavy depends on the client-trainer partnership. However after training hundreds of people over the past 20 years we believe we have a uniqueness that has and will continue to benefit our clients in a unique way.

  • Philosophy We are not a quick fix operation. We believe in safe, reasonable, ethical and effective exercise programs. So If you're looking to lose 10 pounds in two days; achieve a six pack by the end of the week; will adopt any extreme diet plan to help you reach your fitness goals we are not your professionals. We just believe in hard work, patience and mental toughness. If you embody these characteristics we believe you will reach your goal and would be glad to partner with you.
  • Nutrition Counseling You can work out all day, 7 days a week but if your diet doesn't complement your efforts your efforts will be minimal at best. When you partner with our personal trainer you'll have the opportunity to meet with our registered dietitian. Our registered dietitians have their master’s degree and nutrition science with specialties in various areas and provide evidence base diet planning and programming to help you eat healthier and better. One free 30minute nutrition consultation with the purchase a personal training package. Click here to see if you qualify for six free nutriton counseling session. 
  • Online Exercise Videos  So what do you do when you're not training with your personal trainer? While exercises one or two days per week with your personal training is beneficial and certainly better than zero days it may not be enough to accomplish your goal in a timely manner. So over the years we've developed an online solution to help with this problem. When you become one of our personal training clients you will have access to more than 20 of our full-length online exercise videos. Videos range from 5 to 60 minutes; beginners to advance; full-body to core training, high impute to low impact and with minimal to no equipment. So on the days that you're not working out with your Fit Essentials personal trainer you'll be able to work out with them online!
  • Fit Essentials Resistance Tube- As one of our clients you will also receive a free resistance tube with your purchase of at least 2hours of personal training. You can use your tubes to work out to our online videos or replicate your personal training workout at home.


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